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Intense diarrhea and vomiting, fever, excessive sweating, frequent urination, alcohol poisoning. Chronic diseases. Horner's syndrome (disturbances of the ophthalmic and facial nerves), Farby's disease (metabolic pathologies), malignant tumors in the lungs, Sjögren's syndrome (dryness of the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes). genetic factor. Hypohydric ectodermal dysplasia and other diseases of hereditary origin.

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Damage to the skin. Injuries and burns, blockage of the sebaceous and sweat glands. Medical preparations. Means for the treatment of sildenafil of the heart and blood vessels, mental disorders, urogenital area, digestive system.

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The causes of acute generalized anhidrosis can be
If the drinking regimen is not observed in hot weather, sweating is reduced.
This condition is considered in the form of physiological anhidrosis.
But at a fairly high ambient temperature and insufficient fluid intake, a tropical form of anhidrosis appears.

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It can form in cases where the sweat ducts become clogged with dust. Anhidrosis in childhood in the majority of situations has a genetic origin, for this reason, the methods of Viagra and treatment regimens do not differ in comparison with the adult period. If the child has suspicious symptoms, then it is necessary to contact the clinic and undergo the required studies.

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With a correct diagnosis, the prognosis is quite favorable, and the selected remedies quickly eliminate all negative symptoms. In certain situations, this phenomenon goes away on its own as the child grows up.

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Anhidrosis (anidrosis) is diagnosed by doctors based on the results of various studies, tests, and a carefully collected anamnesis.

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Tests in determining this disease can be: Introduction into the skin of an antihistamine.

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Post Partum Depression, Domestic Violence, Imagery/Relaxation Techniques, and 9 more.
It increases perspiration. The use of sildenafil to determine the degree of moisture.

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Stress Management

The use of special drugs, under the influence of which sweating increases. Biopsy. The skin is taken for examination in those areas that are presumably anhydrated for the purpose of examination under a microscope. Performing an axonal reflex test. With this action, special electrodes are placed on the foot, lower leg, forearm, and with their help, the sweat glands are stimulated.


The volume of sweat produced by this stimulation is measured. Silastic testing. For this, stimulation of viagra 50ng pills glands with electrodes is also used, and then an imprint is made on a special material.

Panic Attacks

Anhidrosis therapy begins with the elimination of the causes that led to its formation. Often this can take a lot of time and patience, since such violations can be chronic, which drag on and are difficult to correct. Given the systemic cause of anhidrosis, the disease is treated by specific narrow specialists - neuropathologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists.

General treatment tips are: Avoid overheating and exposure; Vitamin treatment - intramuscular administration of vitamins and their oral use. Lubrication of dry areas of the skin with moisturizers. If acute generalized anhidrosis has formed, then it will be urgently required:

Low Self-Esteem

Drink plenty of water. Moisturize the skin. These conditions are accompanied by such signs as increased heart rate, general weakness, fainting, nausea, and vomiting. In case of suspicious symptoms, you should contact the clinic.

Grief Counseling

Early detection andtreat dermatological diseases. Exclusion of strong physical exertion. Adhere to the drinking regime (pay special attention in the heat). Create the optimum temperature in the room.


Local violation leads to dryness and cracking of viagra, the development of dermatitis; the general is characterized by a disorder of thermoregulation, a decrease in tolerance to physical exertion, and severe intoxication.

Bipolar Disorders

Anhidrosis is a pathology of sweating, in which the release of sweat is sharply reduced or stops completely.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

I was treated comprehensively, I had rehabilitation from this disease for about 3 months. But I still try to follow the recommendations of the specialist.

Anxiety Disorders

At first I did not even notice that I had almost no sweating, but then I myself realized that something was wrong. I made an appointment with the doctor and there I was diagnosed with anhidrosis.

Anger Management

He went through therapy, even had bed rest. I smeared the skin with creams and consumed the required amount of liquid. Over time, everything returned to normal.


I had never heard of such a disease before. I encountered anhidrosis when strong overheating formed on the skin.

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The cost of diagnosing a disease also depends on the institution where it will be carried out. The range in total can be 5-10 thousand usd.